Company Setup

Company Setup

These are the main setup entries for your company.

The top section shows some basic information about your company.  These cannot be edited.

ERP System Setup

This section is used by JSF to connect to your Spectrum ERP system.

Data Filters Setup

This allows you to define what data the system imports from the ERP system.

ERP Labor Cost Types - make entries to define which cost type are labor.

ERP Division Code - make entries to define which division codes to import from the ERP system.

ERP System Cost Centers - The drop down at the top will allow you to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE the list underneath.  So you can set the filter to include a set of cost centers, or to exclude a set of cost centers.  Sometimes it is better to exclude cost centers, so if new cost centers are added in the ERP system they will automatically be included.

ERP Employee Department Code - Make entires here to define what employees will be imported from the ERP system.

Include Inactive Jobs - check this is you want to include the jobs with status INACTIVE.  The system normally only imports ACTIVE jobs.  Jobs marked COMPLETE in the ERP are not imported.

Include Time Cards - check this is you want time cards included in the JTD Hours and JTD Cost.  This will include all unposted time cards in JobSiteForecast time card system plus and pre-time cards or time cards in Spectrum.

Include Committed Cost - check this if you want the open committed cost included in the JTD Cost.

Note:  Regardless of the include/exclude setting for Time Cards and Committed Cost, the minimum projected cost calculation will include them.

General Setup

Week Ending Day - set the normal week ending day.  This controls the history setting in the system.  Do NOT change this setting without coordinating with JobSiteForecast support to avoid unexpected results.
Date Format - select your preferred ate format
Projected threshold - the default is 10%.  Below this setting the projected hours = estimated hours 
Grid Theme - this controls the look and feel of the application
Local Time Zone - set at UTC, leave this setting

Resource Setup

Projected Finish Date Calculation - clicking this uses the projected hours (as opposed to estimated hours)

Production Rate Setup

Production Ratio Setting - select either Quantity per Hour or Hours per Quantity.  This is a system wide setting.

Red Line Variance Percent - enter the allowable production rate variance before the phase code show RED.  For instance you might consider a task on-track if it is within 10% of the estimated production rate.

Use Quantity for Labor Forecast - if you check this, the user will not be able to enter percent completes into phase codes with production quantities.  The percent complete will be calculated by the system based on the production quantities.

Notification Setup

This controls the automated email notifications reminding users to maintain their percent complete entries.  The system will send an email to each ROLE where it is defined.  The notification is either a summary or detailed report of phase codes where hours have been entered but no updates have been entered.

See the article on notifications.
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