Work Package Profile Setup

Work Package Profile Setup

This is where you define all your trades or shop departments.  You may have departments such as Controls, Electrical, Mechanical, Sheet Metal, Framing, etc.

To enter a profile click on the NEW PROFILE button.  This will open a dialog box.

Dialog Add/Edit Box

Profile Name - give the profile or department a name
Prefix - provide a unique prefix for the install packages for example for mechanical you might use "MC-"
Custom 1-5 - these are custom fields you can define for extra information.  They will shows as columns on the install packages.

Shop and Field Settings
These will define the defaults the system enters as a user creates a new install package. 

Duration - the default duration for the task
Crew Size - the default crew size for the task
Lead Lag - the default lead/lag number of working days for the task

Note:  The Lead/Lag for the shop task must be negative.  The field must be positive.

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