Weekly Work Plan

Weekly Work Plan

Use this screen to manage the manpower plan for a given week.
There are 3 planning weeks available:
  1. Previous Week
  2. Current Week
  3. Next Week
You can access the week you wish to plan by selecting the Week Ending Date dropdown.  The default when you land on this screen is the Current Week.

The "Show Only Selected Codes: checkbox allows you to condense the list to just the items you are planning.  You can toggle back and forth if you need to add a code to the plan.

If you have done a 6 week look ahead, then the manpower you setup on your 6 week plan will default for the week.  You can adjust the weekly plan as required.  You are not required to setup a 6 week plan.  You can just use the weekly planning system if you prefer.


This screen allows you to setup and save a personal view.  This can save you lots of time and confusion.  For instance on a larger job you may want to organize the weekly plan by floor.  Add/remove columns, change sort and get the view that work for you.

User Fields

The BLUE column headers denote columns for user entry.
  1. Commitment.  This is a text field where you can set what you want to finish in the planning week.  Some tasks may take several weeks to complete so this is an opportunity to add a note that describes the part of the task that will be done within the week.  For instance you want decide that "Rooms 10-14" will be your commitment for a certain task.
  2. Crew.  If you have a larger job where you have several crews, this is an opportunity to note which crew will be assigned.  You can enter anything you like up to 10 characters.
  3. Days - Sun to Sat.  The days of the week will be displayed.  In this area you will enter/edit the manpower assigned to the task.  You can enter decimals if needed, such as 3.5 people.
  4. Achieved.  This field is used after the end of the week, or the previous week.  Check the box if you accomplished the commitment.
  5. Reason For Failure.  If you did not meet your commitment, then enter a few words that describe the reason.
  6. Category.  Put your reason for failure into a general category on the dropdown list.
    1. No Category
    2. Coordination - with other trades
    3. Eng/Design
    4. Owner Decision
    5. Weather
    6. Prerequisite - something else had to be done first
    7. Labor - such as shortage of labor, sickness, etc
    8. Materials - missing or shortage of material
    9. Contracts/CO's - change orders not approved
    10. Submittals - waiting for submittals
    11. Approvals - waiting for approvals
    12. Equipment - missing or late equipment
    13. RFIs - waiting for answers to RFIs
    14. Site Conditions - such as flood, access, etc
    15. Inspections 
Taking a few minutes to do this analysis can help avoid these problems on future jobs, or allow you to show a trend related to poor job site management.

Planning Workflow

  1. Setup a 6 week plan (this makes it much easier to manage the weekly plans)
  2. Update the previous week noting what was achieved or was not achieved
  3. Setup a weekly plan for the current week
  4. Setup a weekly plan for the next week

Achieved Rate

On the top right of the screen is an "Achieved Rate".
This is the running percentage of commitments that were achieved since the beginning fo the job.  For this to be effective, you will need to update the "Achieved" flag each week.

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