Adding Users

User Setup

Use this screen to add/remove users from the system.  Use must complete PERMISSIONS SETUP before attempting to use this screen.

This screen has 3 different views:
  1. All employees
  2. Active Users (default view)
  3. Inactive Users
These are the actions you can make on this screen:
  1. View active users (the default view)
  2. Disable a user - unselect the ACTIVE column checkbox
  3. Invite/Re-invite a user - first make sure the user is ACTIVE.  Click on the SELECT box on the left of the screen, then click INVITE SELECTED USERS.  This will send an invitation to all the users you have selected.
  4. Assign Roles - Double click on the user.  In the ROLE column, select the role you want to assign.
  5. Edit User Data - Double click on the user.  You can edit the email address, phone number and user role.
The other information on the user record is coming from the accounting system and cannot be edited in the application.  Edit the employee record in the accounting system in order to change any other field.

To ADD a user:
  1. Set the view to ALL EMPLOYEES.
  2. Use the search box to search for the employee.
  3. When you find the record, click on the ACTIVE checkbox to make the employee and active user.
  4. Double click the record and enter the email address for the employee.
  5. Select the record using the SELECT checkbox on the left of the screen.
  6. Click INVITE SELECTED USERS and the system will send instruction to the person on how to log in.
To REMOVE a user:
  1. Use the search box to search for the user.
  2. Uncheck the ACTIVE box on the employee record.
Note:  Users that are marked INACTIVE or TERMINATED in the accounting system will be automatically disabled (set inactive) on the next import.  Only active employee can be users.

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