Time Entry Configuration

Time Entry Configuration

This screen allows you to control the configuration settings for the time entry module.

Time Entry Overview

There are 3 methods for entering time cards:
  1. Regular users can use the main JobSiteForecast application at URL app.jobsiteforecast.com.
  2. Mobile users can use a phone or small screen device at URL mobile.jobsiteforecast.com.
  3. Kiosk users can use an iPad or computer at URL kiosk.jobsiteforecast.com.
The kiosk is designed as a stationary device that employees can come to and sign in with their employee code and PIN, enter time cards, then sign out.  Automatic sign out occurs in 1 minute.  This can be used in a shop environment or on a job site.

The mobile time entry is for one employee to enter their own time.  This cannot be used by foremen entering other people's time.  Employees will need instructions for how to save this to their Home Screen so it looks like a normal app on their phone.  
To add to iPhone Home Screen:
  1. Load the application by going to the URL.
  2. Tap the UP arrow icon menu bar
  3. Scroll down and tap "Add to Home Screen"
To add to Android Home Screen:
  1. Load the application by going to the URL.
  2. Tap the menu icon (3 dots upper left corner) and tap "Add to Home Screen".

Note:  All methods require an active internet connection and will not work off-line.

The main JobSiteForecast has the following menu items:
  1. Employee Time Entry - this is for employees that are users of JobSiteForecast. 
  2. Job Time Entry - this is for foremen or crew leaders entering time for multiple people.  
  3. Crew Setup - used by foremen to setup members of their crews.
  4. Payroll - for payroll to view and edit timecards, and to transfer time cards to Spectrum.
  5. Export Log - for payroll to view the log or re-create a transfer file to Spectrum
  6. Configuration - setup items related to time entry

General Setup

Web Service URL: This is the target URL for direct transfer to Spectrum.

Company Code:  This is your company database code.  It cannot be changed.
Company PIN:  Set a 4 digit PIN to be used for mobile time entry users.

Do you allow date entries older than [          ] days.  Or more than [      ] in the future.
Set the date limits you would like to enforce.

Time Card to be used on the job screen:
  1. Use Time Entry Module
  2. Import From Spectrum
Data Retention Period:  Set at 90 days.  After that time period, the time cards are deleted.

Enforce Crew List Default: This set the flag by default for jobs.

Set the Entry Types

This controls which enters type are viewable by employees.
  1. Labor
  2. Time Off
Note:  Other entry types such as quantities only and equipment are not available.


This allows you control what department codes are available to time entry users.
Departments are disabled by default.
Select the departments required.
If you add a new department to Spectrum, you must REFRESH this list.

Pay Types

This is a list of all the pay type managed by Spectrum.
Select the one you want visible to time entry employees.

Approvals - this is a pending feature

Click ADD APPROVER to attach a user to the Supervisor code.
The system will route those employee time cards to the designated supervisor for approval.

Note:  The Supervisor Code must be entered in Spectrum against each employee that you need in this workflow.

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