Release Notes September 2021

Release Notes September 2021

Gantt Chart Scheduling

This major release provides the ability to schedule each project using a Gantt chart.  This provides the following features:
  1. Fully integrated with the ERP system.  All phase codes automatically populate on the Gantt chart.
  2. Percent complete is fully integrated with the Foreman labor reporting.
  3. Drag and Drop connections between tasks provide logical connections:
    1. Finish/Start
    2. Start/Start
    3. Start/Finish
    4. Finish/Finish
  4. Full constraint management:
    1. As soon as possible
    2. As late as possible
    3. Start no earlier than
    4. Start no later than
    5. Finish no earlier than
    6. Finish no later than
    7. Must start on
    8. Must finish on
  5. Outline/Summary bars are easily added.
  6. Add non-phase code tasks, projects, milestones that need to be managed in the schedule.
  7. Full calendar management for managing holidays, overtime, weekend work and special circumstances:
    1. Assign default or custom calendar to a job
    2. Assign an over-ride calendar to a task
  8. Display the critical path.
  9. Auto scheduling will determine the schedule dates based on the task logic (what happens in what order).
  10. Save a project baseline schedule and compare it to the current schedule.
  11. Adjust the timeline from days, weeks, months, years
  12. Resource requirements for each workgroup are shown at the bottom of the timeline.
  13. Export the entire schedule to PDF, PNG, Excel, Microsoft Project.

6 Week Look Ahead

As a result of the Gantt Scheduling, there are a few minor changes to the 6 week look ahead screen.
  1. The Scheduled Start Date for each phase code is now shown on this screen.
  2. The Scheduled Finish Date can no longer be edited on this screen.  
  3. The default sort has been adjusted on this screen, so the screen sorts first by Start Date, then by Phase Code.
In order to manage the Schedule Start/Finish dates displayed on this screen, go to the Gantt chart scheduling screen.  All the Start/Finish dates on the Gantt chart are sync'd with the 6 week look ahead.  So any changes made to dates will reflect on the 6 week look ahead.


A new permission has been added:  "Allow Save Gantt Schedule".  This manages who can make changes to the schedule.  Other users can view and manipulate the Gantt chart but will not be able to save any changes.

Spectrum Export to Projections

The export function has an added option on the menu "Spectrum Projections Direct Transfer".  This new export pushes your labor forecast directly into Spectrum job projections.  This avoids creating an intermediate file.  This option will be of interest to project managers, since it allows them to easily move all the data from JobSiteForecast directly into Spectrum so they can do their monthly projections in Spectrum.

Gantt Chart Example

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