Creating User Roles and Permissions


Permissions in the system are controlled by the user's ROLE.

This screen lets you setup and number of roles, and set the access levels for each role.
The grid on the left controls the major menu item the user has access to.

The grid on the right controls some of the detailed functions in the system.
  1. Allow View/Edit All Jobs - Normally you would disable this so users have access to only jobs they are assigned to.  The PM, Super and Estimator are automatically given permissions to their own jobs as defined on the job record in the accounting system.  You would turn the permission "on" for executives or others who are proving oversight on all jobs.
  2. Allow Printed Reports - This controls if the person can export views.
  3. Allow Create Views - This controls if people are allowed to create new views in the system.  Although anyone can still create a personal view on a job.
  4. Allow Show/Hide Columns - Turn this off is you don't want the people in this role to adjust the screen displays.
  5. Allow User Entires for Previous Week Ending Dates - Normally this is turned off for all users except administrators.  Providing this permissions allows the user to "re-write" history...going back to previous weeks and changing the percent completes.  Without this permission, the system lock down the previous week as soon as the week-ending date passes.
To setup a NEW role:
  1. Click NEW ROLE.
  2. Give the role a name.
  3. Set the permissions for the role.
To EDIT an existing role:
  1. Select the role using the drop down on the top left of the screen.
  2. Adjust the permissions as you require.
Note:  Any changes to permissions are enabled immediately.  There is no need to sign out and back in.

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