Performance Trend

Performance Trend

This is an executive summary screen that rolls up the performance of all jobs onto one chart.

RED jobs are projected to be over in hours.
GREEN jobs are projected to be under in hours.

The left Y-Axis is the ACTUAL/EARNED for the job.  
  1. Actual/Earned = 1.0 means the job is on estimate.
  2. Actual/Earned > 1.0 means the job is over estimate
  3. Actual/Earned < 1.0 means the job is under estimate

The bottom X-Axis is the TREND Rate and Direction for the last 4 weeks
  1. Trend = 0 means the projections are flat for the last 4 weeks, ie, no change
  2. Trend > 0 means the projected hours trend is getting worse
  3. Trend < 0 means the projected hours trend is getting better
The bigger the trend number, the steeper the curve.  So jobs on the left side of the chart are getting better.  Jobs on the right side are getting worse.

This gives the chart 4 quadrants:
  1. Upper Left - Bad Jobs getting Better
  2. Upper Right - Bad Jobs getting Worse
  3. Lower Left - Good Jobs getting Better
  4. Lower Right - Good Jobs getting Worse
The six of the BUBBLE is the size of the variance from estimate.

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