Master Shop Schedule

Master Shop Schedule

The Master Shop Schedule provides an interface where the shop manager can see the entire shop schedule requirements based on the onsite dates the project managers, supervisors or foremen has entered across all jobs.  This is designed to manage a "just in time" delivery of packages from the shop to the field.

This screen has all the normal features for the Gantt chart schedule.  There is another help pages outlining all the features.

The Shop Scheduling screen is managed by PROFILE.  This can be thought of as trade or department.  Each shop department has it's own schedule.  For instance you might have departments such as Sheet Metal, Electrical, Framing, etc.  Changing the setting in the top left of the screen will allow you to switch between departments.

Normal Operation

The workflow step changes are saved back to the database in real time so there is no need to save the schedule each time a step is updated.

However if you change dates you need to save the schedule. 

Columns Available

      Alert - this will show a red icon if you schedule a task beyond the onsite date
      ID - system managed row number
      Job - Job number and name
      Package Number - the install package number entered in the shop drawing log
      Shop Workflow Step - 
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