Kiosk Time Entry Setup

Kiosk Time Entry Setup

To setup the Kiosk, you need to be a full user of JobSiteForecast.

To launch kiosk, in the browser type:

You will be asked for:
Email: <your normal email for JobSiteForecast>
Password:  <your normal password for JobSiteForecast>
Company Code:  <provided by your system admin>
Company PIN: <provided by your system admin>
Once you have started the Kiosk it will display a screen asking for:
Employee Code:
Employee PIN:
At this point the Kiosk is running.

Employees can now sign in by entering their Employee Code and PIN, then enter time cards.
Employees should LOG OUT when they are finished entering their time cards.
The system will return to the employee log in screen.

You can leave the Kiosk running on the device or you can DISABLE KIOSK MODE.

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