Job Crew Setup

Job Crew Setup

This screen will allow you to build a crew for the job.  When doing time entry, you can enter one time card for the crew.

First select a job by starting to type the job number or name, then select the required job.

Build Crew List

Click ADD EMPLOYEE to start building the list.

Master Crew List

The system has two levels of crews it manages.
  1. Crews by Foreman or Trade
  2. Sub Crews for the individual Foreman or Trade
The system is setup to allow multiple foremen to build their own crews.  The system will just show the employees you have entered.
If you click "Show crews for all crew owners on this job (Master Crew List), then you will see all the employees entered on all the crews for the job.  So in the case of multiple foremen, you will see the list of employees all the foremen have entered.

The column CREW OWNER will show you which foreman has the employee on one of their crews.  Typically this its the foreman who added the employee to their list.  If the job has multiple foremen (ie, mechanical and electrical) then this function is important.  Each foreman can build his own crew.  If the job only has one foreman then the crew owner will always be that foreman.  If you need to move a person from one foreman to another then click on CHANGE CREW OWNER to assign to the new foreman.

The column CREW ID/LEADER is a sub crew the foreman has setup.  These might be groups of 2-4 employees working together.  You can easily adjust the CREW ID to anything you wish.  It could be the name of the crew leader (like Paul), or the type of work (like Hanger Crew).  Setting up these crews is useful because you can enter one timecard for the entire crew.


This screen support the use of views.  You can build personal views or public views that can be used by everyone.

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