Job Configuration

Job Configuration

The purpose of this screen is to allow users to:
  1. Assign a master phase code structure to a job.  This parses the phase code with readable descriptions.
  2. Add additional users to the job.  The system automatically gives permission to the PM, Super and Estimator.  If you need to give additional people access to the job (such as a sub-foreman), then click ADD USER and select the person from the employee list.
  3. Edit Phase Segment descriptions.  The allows you to over-ride the master descriptions and set job specific descriptions.

  1. Find the job in the top left grid by search for job number or name, or scrolling through the list.
  2. Select the job using the selection box.
  3. If you can't find the job, then click the UPDATE JOB LIST button to make sure you have all the jobs from the accounting system.

  1. You will now see an entry beside "Job Phase Code Length".  The system has looks at the job and determined the length of the phase code.
  2. Now select a MASTER PHASE CODE using the drop down list.  The system will only display master phase codes of the same length.
  3. Clicking on the SELECT box of any segment will display the code and description in the right hand grid.  You will see that some segments are set as "Job Specific".  These are the codes you can over-ride and make job specific.

  1. Set any job specific codes you need.  For instance job site areas are often unique to the job.  To make the foreman displays more readable, set the common names for those areas in the right hand grid.  Or add any codes specific to that job.
  2. The RELOAD DESCRIPTIONS button will set the list back to the defaults on the master phase code.

Note:  The job configuration screen assumes that you have done the necessary setup of master phase codes.

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