Install Package Schedule

Install Package Schedule

The Install Package is a sub-schedule showing just the install packages.  Normally a group of install packages is related to one phase code on the job schedule.  Install packages are organized by the shop drawing number.

The purpose of this screen is to allow the project manager, foreman or supervisor to manage the field schedule requirements by dragging the ONSITE date on the Gantt chart.  Making this will change the shop schedule.  There is a separate permission to allow users to adjust the schedule.  Everyone with permission to the job can see the schedule, but only those roles with scheduling permission can change the schedule.  After making all the scheduling changes you need, be sure to click SAVE SCHEDULE.

Gantt Chart

This Gantt has all the features of the scheduling Gantt screen, such as chaining the tasks, one after the other.  There is a separate help page to provide details of all the features available on the Gantt chart. 

All the install packages are setup and managed in the SHOP DRAWING LOG.  On that screen the user can manage the lead/lag between the onsite date and the field start and shop finish dates.  When the user drags the onsite date, the system will maintain the lead/lag setting between the shop finish and field start.

IMPORTANT - If you drag the task bar, the system will not move the onsite date.  Dragging the task has the effect of changing the lag time between the onsite date and the field start date.

You can manage the task by double clicking on the task bar.  A dialog box will appear that will let you adjust:
      Crew Size - set the crew size and the system will calculate the task duration
      Workflow Step - adjust the field workflow step and the system will set a default percent complete 
      Percent Complete - accept the system percent or enter a number
      Calendar - this controls the working days available and the hours in a day, it is normally the same as the project calendar
      Gantt Settings - constraints, baseline, schedule dates, durations and lead/lag can be set here

Note:  Adjusting the crew size will change the duration.  Adjusting the duration will change the crew size.

Normal Field Interaction

The field foreman should maintain the workflow step making each task Started and the Finished as work proceeds.

Manpower Loading

The bottom of the Gantt chart will display the manpower loading for the schedule.  It is totaled by shop drawing.

Columns Available on this Screen

Clicking on a column header will sort by theta column.

Visible Columns:      
      Delay - a red icon will appear if the shop is going to be late shipping the install package
      ID - system assigned line number
      Package - this shows the install package number grouped by shop drawing number
      Location - description of the install package
      Shop Step - this will show the shop workflow step, for instance, Scheduled, In Progress,  Shipped, Hold, etc
      Onsite - double clicking will allow you to edit the date the field has requested the package be delivered
      Start - double clicking will allow you to edit the field start date
      Duration - this is the duration of the task in work days

There are some hidden fields you can also make visible by right clicking anywhere on the grid or column headers:
      Field Workflow Step - this will show the field workflow step, for example, Scheduled, Started, Finished
      Finish - this is the field finish date
      Qty - Quantity
      UOM - Unit of Measure

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