Calendar Setup

Calendar Setup

The calendar setup screen allows you to setup calendars that can be used on the Gantt scheduling screen.

Calendar Settings

  1. Calendar Name
  2. Set as default
  3. Allow Saturday as work day
  4. Allow Sunday as work day
  5. Set hours per day
One of these calendars must be defined as the default, and cannot be deleted.  This default calendar will be automatically assigned to any new project.

Entering Holidays

Also each calendar contains a list of dates that are holidays.  You can enter those in the grid.

There is a utility "Import US Holidays" that will create all the standard federal holidays.  This utility will create holidays to the end of the year on the longest project in your database.  So if you have a project ending sometime in 2024, clicking this button once will create all the US holidays from the current year to the end of 2024.  Be sure to check these dates against your company holidays to make sure you are celebrating the same federal holiday dates.

Add any state or company holidays that you may have in your company.

If for any reason, you create a project with a finish date that exceeds the calendar setup, you will see a warning on that project.  Failure to address this will result in bad scheduling.

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